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Michelle Murphy Interior Design has the knowledge and experience to make your home look it’s best. We know what potential homebuyers are looking for and how to make a home’s best features stand out. If you’re ready to sell, contact us about your project today!

Our Home Staging Services include:
Michelle Murphy Interior Design can help you de-clutter, organize and stage your home to make it looks it's best and let potential home buyers envision themselves living there. We offer basic services to full scope vacant home staging. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Home Staging Consultations:
- Basic Consultation: FREE - We will look at photos of the property online and give recommendations on some changes that could be made to show the property's true potential.
- DIY Consultation:  We will visit the property in person with you and walk through the spaces giving verbal recommendations on changes to the home. This service allows us to get a better feel for the space to give better recommendations while letting you save money by picking and choosing what DIY changes you want to make.
- In-Home Consultation:  We will visit the property in person with you and take notes/pictures/measurements to get the most details about the home. A detailed follow-up report would be emailed to you with our recommendations (anything from repairs and updates to new furnishings, decor and de-cluttering for the home). This consultation is ideal for vacant homes as they tend to need some rental furniture and decor to give the best results so taking pictures and measurements will help us pick the best items to make the home look great.

Every project is different and this list is not exhaustive of what we can offer you. Contact us to discuss your project so we can find the best way to help you!


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